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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Shining Moment

I volunteer at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society every other Tuesday. For reasons I won't bore you by explaining, this time it was three weeks instead of two since I was there. I never know what I will be doing and no two days are alike.
Three weeks ago I had the most frustrating day ever. Someone had mailed in a request for a 14-page booklet and some old photos. The request was very specific as to where the material was supposed to be. Steve (one of the staff) had searched without success so he turned the job over to me. I searched about five hours in every imaginable place. Nothing. Finally we gave up.
I hadn't heard anything and wondered if the missing materials had ever been found. As soon as I got there today Steve said several of the staff had looked and it was still missing. He wanted me to have another go at it. He said he'll pay me double if I find it. (I am an unpaid volunteer. Double nothing. Ha!)
I painstakingly went through all the boxes again and was about to conclude it cannot be found---when! I opened a yellow envelope and there it was! The lost was found! At last!! Everyone cheered and I was proclaimed a hero. One shining moment of glory! I don't get many of those.

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