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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Law and Grace

I was reading this morning about Moses receiving the Law from God on Mt. Siani and had one of those sudden moments of insight on law and grace. Law is strong and grace is gentle. They are opposites and yet twin attributes of God's character.
When God gave the Law to Moses, the man went up into the mountain to meet God. Thunder rolled and and lightening flashed while God wrote the Law on hard tables of stone. Wham! There it is. Do what it says or else.
Centuries later God exhibited the opposite attribute of grace when His Son came down to meet multitudes of people on the mountain. There on the peaceful slope above the Sea of Galilee, Jesus quietly sat down among the people and gave them the principles for a life of peaceful co-existance. His own life was the model of grace written on the fleshly tables of the heart.
God does not excuse sin any more than He did when He gave the Law to Moses. But His grace has provided a way for us to meet the requirements and a pattern for us to follow. I'm glad I live in the day of grace!

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