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Friday, January 20, 2012


Our flights from Philadelphia to San Diego on Jan. 11 were on time. We even arrived in Dallas an hour early. How many times do you hear that happening? We spent two nights at my nephew's home in San Diego getting things together to cross the border. Our caravan of three fully loaded vans breezed right over the border into Mexico without answering any questions on Friday morning.
We got to our "Mexican home" at the Rancho Ojai campground below Tecate before lunch time and spent the rest of the day getting our kitchen set up. The young people who came to work in various institutions started arriving Saturday afternoon. We served supper to them as they arrived. Since then we have been cooking breakfast and supper for 60 every day and providing things for them to pack for lunches.
Three couples are doing the cooking and we are thankful to have one young couple with us to run back and forth from the kitchen to the dining hall for things. They have also done all the baking which is a big help. One day they made 10 pies for supper and baked lots of cookies for lunches. Today they baked six cakes. It takes a lot of food for one meal. One morning we scrambled twelve dozen eggs for breakfast.
The cooks also did the laundry for the young people. We do towels every day and did everything on Tuesday and Thursday. We had 22 loads on Tuesday and 18 on Thursday. We are glad most of the girls are doing their own laundry leaving us basically washing for the guys. We hung 46 pairs of jeans on the fence to dry.
It was cool and rainy the first couple days but since then has been sunny and warm. It is around 70 during the day but cools quickly as soon as the sun starts going down. Nights are quite chilly and we are thankful for the heater in our cabin.
We have two more days of cooking ahead of us (after today) and will leave here Monday morning. We'll spend two nights in San Diego again and then fly home on Wednesday.
Until then----

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