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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Book Signings

This has been an interesting weekend. The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society arranged three book signings for my newest book on Friday. I spoke and signed books at Landis Homes in the morning. About twenty-five people showed up for that one. I met an old friend there I haven't seen for at least thirty years.
I repeated the talk in the afternoon at the Muddy Creek Farm Library. I was surprised when seventy people showed up for that one. The questions and discussion after my talk was different at each place but good questions were asked at both places. I don't know how many copies of Aaron's Civil War were sold there but I signed a lot of them!
The third book signing of the day was held at the historical society in the evening. The crowd there was smaller and the discussion that followed was different but just as interesting as at the other two places. It was a long day but I enjoyed meeting and talking to all the people who came out.
Since some of Aaron's story takes place in Snyder County, the Snyder County Historical Society asked me to attend one of their events today. I do not sell books on Sunday so they had a copy on display and order blanks with information on how to obtain a copy of the book. It wasn't actually a book signing but a few books people brought books they had purchased earlier for me to sign.
This dear couple drove eighty miles to meet me and have their books signed. She read Aaron's Civil War and liked it so well she bought all six of my other books and is in the process of reading them.
Other authors were there with their books. The fellow standing in the middle of the room has written about a half dozen small books on the Indians and their way of life. He was entertaining us with Indian stories.
I was reminded of a quote I read somewhere that went something like this. "You will always be the same except for the books you read and the people you meet." I met some interesting people this weekend and made some new friends. My life has been broadened and enriched.

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