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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Sanctuary

When we built our house in 1968 we said someday we would add a patio behind the house. It didn't happen until 1986. Then we poured a concrete slab which was furnished with a picnic table and charcoal grill. Leroy said someday he wants to enclose it but I was satisfied with it as it was. But he has this thing about bugs flying around his head and kept alive the dream of enclosing the patio. It finally happened in 1995.
After it was finished I had to agree with Leroy that it was a big improvement over the open patio. The roof keeps it cooler and the screens keep the bugs out. My plants, which would have died in the direct sunlight, thrive there all summer.

My favorite seat is this hammock chair we got in Nicaragua in 2011. I often sit out there to watch the sun go down and the fireflies come out.

Yesterday I was sitting in this chair with my morning cup of coffee watching the world wake up. The neighbor's rooster was crowing and the birds were twittering their good mornings. It was so peaceful and I felt very blessed. By the time I went back in the house to get ready for church, I had already worshiped from the hammock pew in my patio sanctuary.

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