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Monday, October 22, 2012

Indian Summer

We had our first frost about ten days ago which ended the garden. The mums are still blooming nicely but all the other flowers are done for this year. The dahila bulbs are stored for the winter but we still need to dig the canas before the ground freezes. But this week the threat of frost and freezing seems to be somewhere off in the distant future as we enjoy a whole week of sunny warm Indian Summer weather.
We spent the weekend in Ohio with our daughter and her family. The drive across the mountains was lovely with bright sunshine bringing out the shimmering colors of the red, yellow, and orange leaves. Unfortunately, the Turnpike is not photo friendly so I could only admire the beauty of nature and savor each moment before it passed.
This morning I went out to try capture a little of the autumn around me before it fades. I'm not a great photographer and my pictures are never as good as the real thing, but here are a few.
Our house from across the field with the woods behind it.
Along the way.
A little frost doesn't faze these little beauties.

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