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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Phase I Complete

This was the coldest week of the winter so far. The temperature was in the single digits in the morning and several days in a row never rose out of the teens. Some days there was a stiff wind added to rub it in. It was a good week to stay inside close to the fire (in the furnace).
While keeping the home fires burning this week, I managed to finish Phase I of converting all my old music to digital files and transferring them to a Walkman. Phase I was the vinyl records. It took me nearly two months to get all of them done "in my spare time."
Phase II will be to convert all the cassette tapes to digital files. I have more tapes than records so that is going to take much longer. I'll be doing good if I get them all done this year. The incentive for this project was the purchase of a new stereo system we got as our joint birthday/Christmas present this year. Record players and even casette tape players are no longer included in sound systems. I had all this music we couldn't play anymore. Now that the records are done we can hear the music we listened to when we were dating and all the records the children played when they were growing up.
I am going to take a break from recording music before I start on the cassette tapes. I need to take care of my 2012 pictures before winter is over. Once I have that project under control I'll tackle the cassettes. It's amazing that our lifetime collection of music can fit on a little gadget I can hold in the palm of my hand.

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