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Sunday, March 24, 2013

See How It Runs

This was a week to FINISH things. On Friday I finished scrapbooking my 2012 pictures and on Saturday I finished the book I've been working on all winter. (It is a book on the history and development of the Mid-Atlantic Mennonite Fellowship.) It is on a CD and ready to go to the printer for layout and printing.
Also on Saturday, Leroy started up the tractor he built and drove it out of the garage. He's been working on this more than four years. It isn't perfect but is pretty good for starting from scratch and using scrap parts. He put an old Novo engine in it which has the sound of a put-put. I videoed the big moment and tried to post it but it didn't work. So I'll have to settle for a couple snapshots here.


Merle and Edith Burkholder said...

That is pretty impressive. I have enjoyed seeing it progress over the time he has been working on it.

Twila Henry said...

I can only hope that I get caught up on scrapbooking! I really need to make it a priority this year to keep after, then maybe I can work on previous years!
We have a family reunion on my Mom's side in June that we hope to come up for and I'd like to bring photo albums with me! :)
The tractor is looking good!!