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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Like A Hammock

This morning I was reading about Peter walking on the water to meet Jesus. I was reminded of this unpublished poem I wrote some years ago. Maybe it will encourage someone.
Like A Hammock

Eager, and full of ambition,
Peter tried hard to show
How much he could do for Jesus,
There was nowhere he would not go;

So when Jesus came walking on water
Toward the boat of disciples one night,
Peter impulsively walked out to meet Him,
Quite sure he’d get there all right.

When he realized what he was doing,
And looked down at the waters below,
He felt himself sinking and knew
He’d drown in a minute or so.

Peter desperately shouted to Jesus
To save him from certain death,
Jesus lovingly reached down and caught him;
Took him back to the boat and the rest.

How many of us are like Peter?
We barge confidently out on our own
Without depending on Jesus,
Thinking we can make it alone.

Then in trouble, we cry out and ask Him
To save us as we’re going down;
He’s a big safety net to catch us
And save us before we drown.
How vastly different was Job;
His faith was fixed on the Lord,
Though destitute and deserted,
He firmly believed in God’s Word.

For his faith in God was in place,
And supporting him long before
All the troubles came to test him;
And all he had left was the Lord.
For Job knew God is in charge,
And He alone knows what is best;
Even though Job did not understand it,
He could trust and peacefully rest.

So his faith was to him like a hammock;
Underneath him, supporting and strong;
It kept him from fretting and worry
When everything seemed to go wrong.
What kind of faith do you have?
Is God to you nothing more
Than a big safety net to catch you
When you’re needing  to be restored?

How much better is faith like a hammock,
Underneath you, supporting and strong!
You can rest, secure in the knowledge,
God never does anything wrong.
(Romaine Stauffer)

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Connie Stoll said...

Thank you! It did encourage me this morning and I needed it.