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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

We watched this debate on Evolution and Creationism last night and it was very stimulating. When someone asked where the atoms came from that caused the "Big Bang," the scientist said he did not know. Also he did not know where consciousness came from. In both cases, Ken Ham said, "A book has been written which gives us the answer to that question." The Bible has all the answers about the origin of life!
Nye believes that this life is all there is and there is nothing beyond. Ham asked him then what is the point of all this? If all your efforts go to nothing, why bother? Faith gives meaning and purpose to life, in this world and the one to come.
Evolution and Creationism are both based on an assumption. The underlying assumption of evolution is uniformitarianism, which is the product of human reasoning. Creationism is based on the assumption that the Word of God is true. It all boils down to who do you believe? Man or God? I'll take God's Word over man's any time!
If you want to watch this, be aware that the whole program lasts more than two hours.

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Anonymous said...

I watched that too, but in several sittings. It was good. What else impressed me was that Ken Ham looked pleasant and relaxed throughout but Bill Nye was very intense at times.

Mary Horst