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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Going . . . Going . . .

The youth group came to help with the demolition project today. It was a lovely day in the 70s and all that young strength combined to bring the house down.
This is early in the day. The tin roof has been removed, exposing the rafters.


The floor is all that's left of the attic.

The second floor is gone.

The first floor is nearly gone.

When we go to church tomorrow morning the only thing that will remain is the stone foundation wall and the floor of the first story. They intend to let the floor on until they're ready for the next stage so no one falls into the open hole.
A few buyers came along and took away portions for reuse and some of the metal was sold for recycling. A trac-hoe would have taken it down in a day but this way we saved money and materials could be salvaged. Construction of the new addition is scheduled to begin in June. Now that the house is gone, that lot looks a lot bigger than it did before.

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