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Friday, October 17, 2014

Progress Report

The work that began at the church in July has been continuing even though I have not posted anything here lately. The addition is coming along nicely and extensive renovations are also being done to the existing building. This month it reached a point where we are no longer able to use the building and are meeting in a rented facility for three weeks.
The exterior of the addition has been stuccoed and is waiting for stones to be laid below that.

The inside of the addition has been painted but at the moment all of the benches are stored in it while the auditorium is painted. 

New lights were also installed in the auditorium and there will be new carpet.

An opening was made in the wall of the vestibule to provide access between the old and new buildings.

Work has also been continuing in the existing basement. A new heating and cooling system was installed, along with new wiring and plumbing. The ceiling and walls were replaced with new drywall which is now painted.

A new kitchen will be installed in the basement (upper photo), and folding doors between the classrooms (lower), as well as new flooring throughout.
We expect to be able to use at least the auditorium on October 26 and hope to have everything finished sometime in November. It's been a lot of work and mess but when it's finished we will have a mostly new building inside the old shell. 

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