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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day!

We were invited to attend a Valentine supper at our son's church this evening and I thought that was sufficient to observe Valentine's Day. But my husband is more romantic than I am and came home last evening with a dozen red roses. He's not much of a florist and to him flowers are either daisies or roses. At least he knows the roses are the right ones for Valentine's day.
A man can never go wrong with roses and I do appreciate them. But I told him the other things he does for me mean just as much as the roses. For example, when I was getting ready to wash the supper dishes he put his shoes back on and tramped through the snow to empty the garbage dish. There are many other little things he does to smooth my path. The little things he does are just as much expressions of love as a dozen roses. I have been abundantly blessed with a loving and caring husband. Roses are the cherry on top!

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Homeschool Mom said...

these are lovely--but I agree with you that those thoughtful and helpful things every day are powerful expressions of love.God bless you both today!