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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter Woes

This is a winter that won't soon be forgotten. The season arrived softly in December and controlled itself in January. We had some small snows but it was treating us well UNTIL February arrived. The thermometer dropped like a rock and stayed down as the snows kept falling. Since it never got warm enough for the snow to melt, all those little snows kept piling up.
And it wasn't just here either. The whole East Coast was thrown in the deep freeze and the lid slammed shut. At least we didn't have the blizzards the New England states got with a foot or more of snow at a time, every other day. We never got more than 5" at a time.
February 2015 goes down in the books as a record for both snow and cold. The lowest I saw the temperature was -4 but some places were even lower. That subzero stuff was not a once-and-done either. It was repeated and then wind added to make sure we got the message.
Toward the end of February the extended forecast promised when we reached March 1 things would change and the snow would begin to disappear. Ha! This is March 3 and there has been no change. It wasn't below zero this morning but the snow sure isn't melting.
I went to Lancaster today to work at the historical society but kept my eye on the sky. When I saw it was sleeting at 2 p.m. I quit early and headed home. The road was ok but traffic moved slowly. I got home just in time. I'm hearing on the news that there are a lot of accidents now and the road is very slick. I'm gad to be home and here I'll stay.
There is one ray of hope which makes it possible for me to end this on a positive note. On the way to Lancaster this morning I saw a bluebird. Either it was crazy, trying to get off-season rates, or it knows something I don't. Spring is only a figment of the imagination today! But when the birds know it's time to migrate, then there is hope.
(Scratchboard art by my daughter-in-law, Amy Stauffer)

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Homeschool Mom said...

The artwork is a beautiful reminder of Spring and its imminent return. We have had a challenging month here in NE Ga. We have had some snow, but lots of rain and ice. My husband's family in East Tennessee has had some tough winter weather as well. Spring will be more appreciated than ever this year.