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Monday, May 25, 2015

End Of An Era

Way back in November 2014, we signed an agreement to sell the family cabin at an auction on May 23, 2015. It seemed far off then but time marched steadily on and the day came. We went up to the cabin Friday evening and spent the night there. Our two youngest sons came up too and reached back to touch the past by catching some crayfish and a frog when they went to fetch water from the stream. They stirred up the water so much it wasn't fit to use and they had to drive to another cabin nearby to get water from a spring there. Gene's little boy loved the little frog. "Aw, he's cute."
The auction was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, but people began arriving around 9. Our oldest son and his wife came, as well as some other family members. By the time the auction began, I estimated about 40 people were there. That was a good turnout for a one-item auction. We recognized some of them as people who had been there for one of the Open House days and knew they were serious bidders.
After all the months of planning and preparing, the auction was over in 15 minutes and sold to the highest bidder. We were happy with the outcome of the sale, both the price and purchaser. The place was bought by the owner of the neighboring property who has a permanent residence there.
He mainly wanted the ten acres to protect his own property and keep it in woods. He will let the cabin there and rent it out. Perhaps we can still go there, but as renters instead of owners. That would mean we can just relax and not have to do any maintenance work. That's what we were trying to accomplish by selling.
The assorted family who were able to stay for lunch shared one last meal in the cabin before drifting off their separate ways. My sisters stayed with us for the rest of the weekend.
We were blessed with a beautiful weekend although it was cool enough in the mornings that a little fire in the woodstove felt good. On Sunday afternoon we loaded our wagon to head home but took a few final pictures first.

We made a lot of memories here since my parents built this cabin in 1984. Daddy died about two years after it was built and it passed on to me and my siblings. But now, with grandchildren added to our families, it is too small to hold our entire families. We weren't using it much anymore and as we get older the work of maintaining it is more than we care to do. It was time to pass it on to someone younger and more ambitious. It was sad to see an era come to an end but life moves on and we have to move with it.
Thanks for the memories. They are ours to keep.

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