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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Yesterday started out calmly but things continued to get worse as the day progressed. Leroy called about 1:30 and said he wrecked his work truck. He was making a delivery when a guy crossed the road and hit him head on. It was raining but that wasn't the cause of the accident. The other driver said he didn't know what happened. It was on a straight stretch of the road. Leroy thought either something came over him or he dozed off.
Thankfully, Leroy was not hurt but the truck is a goner. It is 21 years old, has over 300,000 miles on it, and is not worth fixing.

The company sent a rollback to haul the truck and him back to the shop. They gave him one of the spare trucks to come home. Before he got here a strong storm was moving in and the electric was off. We had a cold supper but before we were finished the power came on again.
I managed to wash dishes before the storm was howling and the power went off again. It was still off at 9 when we went to bed. The storm was pretty well over by then and the power came on again at 10:15. We were on the upper edge of the storm. The worst storm damage was in the Gap area of Lancaster County.
This day was a reminder how quickly things can change. We're just thankful this was only a speed bump and not a life-changer. Trucks can be replaced, but husbands cannot. And doing without electric for a couple hours was no problem. The roof was tight and we were safe and dry. I'm still praising the Lord this morning for His protection and sparing my husband's life.

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