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Monday, June 6, 2016

Changing Times

Last spring my siblings and I sold the cabin our father built in 1984. He only lived two more years and then we took it over. We made many memories there but as the years rolled along our families got larger instead of smaller as in-laws and grandchildren were added. I held out as long as I could but about five or six years ago was forced to admit our clan had totally outgrown that cabin. We found another place to go which would accommodate our growing tribe and continued our family weekend in June.
We sisters had gone up to the cabin together every spring to clean it for the new summer season. We would go up Friday night and spend all day Saturday cleaning and maintaining the place. Eventually I faced the fact that we are making a lot of unnecessary work and expense for ourselves in keeping a cabin we no longer used. We consulted our brother (in Canada who didn't use it either) and agreed to sell it. We went up for the sale on May 23 and stayed for the weekend one last time.
After so many years of going to the cabin every spring, we decided we still want to have a sisters cabin weekend in the spring. We checked into several possibilities and eventually decided to try one that is in the same general area. We could still go to the same church we always went to when we were at the cabin. We might try a few more and see which one we like best but I certainly had no complaints about this one. It had more luxuries than we have at home, including central air and a dishwasher. It has a woodsy look but (in my opinion) is more of a house than a cabin.

The best part of this cabin is that we go and pay our rent but don't have to do any cleaning or maintenance work. We had all weekend to catch up on our loafing. We mostly read and napped but after supper we stirred ourselves a little and went to see what the new owner had done to our cabin. He hasn't done any major remodeling but did change the furnishings. It wouldn't be the same anymore and I have no desire to go back there. After we got back we played corn hole until dark.

It rained on Sunday but that was no problem. We were in church all morning and left about 3pm because we were going to a birthday party in the evening for our (borrowed) twin grandsons.
It's hard to believe that Dylan (left) and Durrell have reached the magical age of 16 already. I never forget how old they are because they were born July 4, 2000, and their age is always the same as the year. The party was held a month early and they were totally surprised. Got 'em good! Just hang on one more month guys, and you'll be in the driver's seat.


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