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Monday, November 21, 2016

25th Anniversary

 My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle (Job 7:6). That verse popped into my head as I reflected on the weekend. Almost twenty-five years ago we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. This weekend we went to Ohio to celebrate our daughter's 25th anniversary. First observation: How could 25 years pass so quickly? Second: Do they feel as old as they thought we were at our 25th? Probably not, although they do wear genuine silver threads in their hair.
We went out Saturday morning so we could help set up things for the party. Unfortunately, Cheryl was suffering with a sore throat, aching, and dizziness. She stayed home Sunday morning and swallowed medicines to try pump herself up enough to attend the party in the afternoon. It would have been sort of lame for Richard to go to the party alone. By lunch time the dizziness was gone and some of the aching. So she dragged herself out to the party and tried to smile.

Their three children and one daughter-in-law did a good job of setting up pretty tables and hosting the party. Some of Richard's sisters helped by making cupcakes.

All but one of their bridal party was there so they lined up in the same order, showing what 25 years will do to hairlines and waistlines. The missing girl's place would have been on the end.

We left before the party ended because we wanted to drive home yet. The ground was white and it was snowing more than half of the way home. Crossing the mountains was the worst but even there the road was just wet and not icy. Once we were on the east side of the mountains it was clear and dry. We were mighty glad to get home without incident or accident, although we did see some of those along the way.
So now Cheryl and Richard have gotten the silver medal and started sprinting toward the gold. Believe me, it will be here sooner than they thing possible. And we wish them joy for the journey.

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