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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The month of May is almost over and schools are rapidly closing their doors. Some will continue into early June but the local newspaper is printing graduation reports almost every day. 
We had two graduations in the family this month, on opposite ends of the scale. Granddaughter Arianna Miller graduated from Antrim Mennonite School with a high school diploma on May 12.

Grayson Stauffer graduated from Gentle Rain Preschool at the Zion Blue Mountain church on May 25. Here is his official photo taken in advance.

I went to the graduation because I thought that would be cute and it was. There were 50 four and five year olds who marched in to the traditional Pomp and Circumstance wearing paper mortarboards. They stood up front and sang three songs. Some were really into singing and others stood like statues. 

As each one was called up to receive their diploma they were asked what they want to be when they grow up. There were quite a few police officers and veterinarians. Some changed their minds on the spot. One little girl wants to be a mermaid and several want to be a princess. Grayson said he wants to be a baker. The winner (to me) was a little boy who said he wants to be "a dad like my dad."

At the end of the program each one received a carnation as they filed out with their diplomas.

And here is the newest graduate in the family (after the fact), the first to ever graduate from preschool. Maybe his smile would fade if he knew how many more years of school lie ahead of him. He'll start down that road by going to kindergarten this fall. 

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