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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cabin Weekend

For about thirty years my sisters and I went to the cabin to clean and open it for the season. We had a lot of good times at the cabin with our families but as time moved on and our families changed, we decided the time had come to let it go and sold it two years ago. We sisters had gone to the cabin every spring too long to break the habit. We decided we can still go to a cabin together by renting one. 
Last year we went to a cabin in Union County and it was wonderful. We could just relax and visit without having to work all day Saturday. Let someone else have the expense and upkeep of a cabin. Renting one for one weekend a year is a lot cheaper than owning your own. Besides, it was a lot more luxurious than our cabin had been. It had a dishwasher, air conditioning, and the works. We're old enough now to enjoy such luxuries (even though I don't have them at home). 
At the end of that weekend we thought of what we should have done. Instead of going the first weekend in June we should have gone the last weekend when our Canadian brother, Merle, would be here and both our brothers could go with us. 
Merle was scheduled to preach at our church in Myerstown on Sunday morning so we had to find a cabin that wasn't too far from church. We found one at Pine Grove and reserved it in January for the last weekend in June. It was great to have all five of us siblings together for a weekend.

This cabin is called Barnwood Lodge because it was built with wood the owner salvaged from a barn that was torn down. Most of the furniture was also repurposed but it was tastefully done. And again, there was central air, a dishwasher, and central vac, none of which I have at home. Cabins sure aren't what they used to be. I grew up with a cabin that had no electric, running water, or bathroom. We thought we really had something when we got electric in it!

There was plenty of time for round table discussions. Lots of stories and remember-whens.

On Saturday afternoon we hiked back an old railroad bed to Siegrist Reservoir.

 I sat and enjoyed the view while the rest of them walked back the trail to the river behind the dam.

We played lots of corn hole games. Carol got pretty good at it and threw all four bags in the hole at least four times.

We made mountain pies for supper. Nothing can beat the taste of food cooked over a wood fire. We were blessed with perfect weather for all these outdoor activities.

We all went to church Sunday morning and went back to the cabin for lunch and the afternoon. The weekend was such a success the consensus was that we would like to do it again next year. Why not? I think we just started a new version of a tradition.

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