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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Owe the Lord a Morning Song

The forty-five minutes I spend walking each morning is my prayer and praise time. This morning I was singing "I Owe the Lord a Morning Song." This hymn was written by a Mennonite minister in Lancaster County, Amos Herr (13 February 1816-19 June 1897).
One Sunday morning in 1890 when the snowdrifts would not permit even horseback riding to church, Amos worshiped at home by writing this hymn. It has lasted longer and blessed more people than any sermon he might have preached had he been able to be in church. Although it is often sung at the beginning of a Sunday morning service, it is a good song for any morning of the week.

  1. I owe the Lord a morning song
    Of gratitude and praise,
    For the kind mercy He has shown
    In length’ning out my days.
  2. He kept me safe another night;
    I see another day;
    Now may His Spirit, as the light,
    Direct me in His way.
  3. Keep me from danger and from sin;
    Help me Thy will to do,
    So that my heart be pure within,
    And I Thy goodness know.
  4. Keep me till Thou wilt call me hence,
    Where never night can be;
    And save me, Lord, for Jesus’ sake—
    He shed His blood for me.

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Harper said...

Dear Scribbler, I am a direct descendant of Peter Martin. Searching for clues and information about my genealogical history I came across your Peter Martin post about his cabin. I am most intrigued and would love to see it. I live in Arlington VA and on Sunday will be headed to Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center just outside Philadelphia (I go there quite often). Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any help you might be able to give me.

Kate Martin; [I identified myself by my Google acct -- -- but prefer using my other email address]