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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The garden is finally planted! Gene and Amy asked if they can have their garden with us since the deer that roam their neck of the woods are bound to come uninvited and their shale ground is not very productive. They came after supper last night and helped us plant lettuce, radishes, spinich, cabbage, onions, sugar snap and hull peas, potatoes, and even a row of corn. We'll plant more corn and other things after we get back from the trip we're planning in early May.
I don't remember if April 24 is a record for being the latest we ever planted, but it comes close. Weeks of cold weather postponed planting. We had a layer of snow on April 16, but a weekend in the 80s finally made the ground fit to plow and plant. It's a couple weeks late, but God kept His promise that as long as the earth remains there will always be seedtime and harvest. The seeds are planted and the rain that is forecast for this afternoon will get them started on their way to harvest.

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