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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spaghetti Supper

We had not been to Ohio to visit Cheryl since October. We knew if we don't go in April it will not happen until June. When we found out they were having their annual fund-raising Spaghetti Supper at the school on Friday night we decided to leave early enough to take that in too. Because of the distance, we get to very few of their school functions.
We sailed out there in good time, making the trip in only five hours. Sure was different than last spring when Leroy had to stop at every other fence post because of his battle with the prostate problem.
The spaghetti supper was delicious. Cheryl and her family were slated to help from 7-8. Cheryl was in the kitchen cooking hugepots of spaghetti.

Richard and the boys helped serve at the dessert table. They ran out of pies and the rest of the people had to be satisfied with cookies. I managed to snag a piece of raspberry pie before that happened. They figured they served about 325 people. We don't make a habit of driving 5 hours for spaghetti, but it was worth the trip. Since this is a veal growing area of Ohio, the meatballs were made from veal. Leroy thought they were so more-ish he went back for a second plate.

We had a nice weekend with Cheryl and her family but it wasn't any warmer than here. Earlier, they had a longer spell of warm weather than we had here so they had to mow yard already. Her tulips are blooming too. I have not seen any around here. It is unusual for them to be ahead of us at all. We had rain all the way home this afternoon, sometimes rather heavy. It's good to be back. There's just no place like home!

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