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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Real McCoy

Gerald picked up his diploma last week. The degrees were conferred at commencement and the graudates received a folder with a certificate promising a diploma would soon arrive. Here is the real McCoy which is now on display on the living room wall.

Gerald also received his temporary nursing permit last week. With all the important papers in his possession, he went to the Lehigh Valley Hospital on Monday and got his new uniforms to begin working the next day. He began as an intern in the Cricital Care Unit of the Emergency Room. When he was just a tech in the ER he wore blue uniforms. Now that he is a graduate nurse his uniforms are black. In the past seven years (since he became an EMT in 2003) he has collected quite a rainbow of colors in uniforms---several shades of blue, white, maroon, gray, and now black. But the best part of this job is the green part. He is finally getting paid and can start climbing out of the hole instead of digging it deeper. And now Leroy can retire any time he wants to.

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