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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

There are weekends and then there are WEEKENDS. The one we've just come through was in the latter category---a weekend to remember.
On Saturday it was one year that Gerald and Kelly had their first date. He bought a dozen roses at the flower shop which he told me were to celebrate the milestone in their lives. That seemed reasonable but my mother's intuition kicked in and I wondered if there was more behind the roses than he was telling me. About 8:30 in the evening I heard a car drive in and said to Leroy, "Somebody is here. Is it Gerald and Kelly? Do they have something to tell us?" It was and they did! They had just been engaged. Plans are still very fuzzy but they are thinking of having a summer wedding.
Even if this development was not totally unexpected, we turned a definite corner in life this weekend. We were able to keep our youngest fledgling in the nest much longer than many of our friends who have been empty nesters for years. But now we are about to join their ranks. He is 27 and it is time to let him go but we'll miss him. I had nine months to prepare for his coming and have about that long to prepare to let him go. We've been blessed to have children in the house more than 42 years but now we've come full circle and are coming back to where we started with a family of two. I never guessed the years would fly by so fast.
We wish Gerald and Kelly a long and happy marriage and God's richest blessing as they start their family of two.

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Life of a plainlady said...

My first birdie left the nest last spring and I suddenly felt SO old! I mean, I knew time was passing, but it really hit me in the face when he moved out on his own. For right now I have 5 others in the nest so it will be a while till we are empty nesters.