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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cyber Monday

Did you ever hear of Cyber Monday? I just learned about it this week.
I felt rather smug about my hassle-free online Black Friday purchase of a GPS. It was ordered on Friday and delivered on Monday. THEN I heard about Cyber Monday on the news. I did a little research and found out it is something that started about five years ago. Cyber Monday is for online shopping what Black Friday is for shopping in stores. Special deals are offered on Cyber Monday just like stores offer Black Friday deals.
Naturally, my next move was to go to the website where I had ordered the GPS and check if they were offering a Cyber Monday deal on the model of GPS I had just purchased. You guessed it! I could have gotten it for $7 less if I had waited until Monday to place the order. I paid seven bucks for a lesson in online shopping. In the future, if I want to make an online purchase for a Christmas gift I will wait until Cyber Monday.
My pain eased a bit last evening during a stop at a WalMart. Out of curiosity, we looked at their GPS prices. The model we bought online would have cost $70 more at WalMart. I guess I didn't lose too badly after all.


Miller scribe said...

Ordered me a desktop during the last 4 hours of Cyber Monday. Glad I waited.

Twila said...

We went Black Friday shopping, just Dan and I and had a good experience, but then the next week, one gift we bought for Tamara was reduced even more...from $10 on BF to $7!! :P Sometimes I wonder about BF deals!??