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Monday, July 11, 2011

Art Exhibition

Yesterday we were invited to attend the Opening Reception of the art exhibition at the Reading Museum. Of the 300 pieces that were entered, 141 were chosen to be on display in the museum until September 11. Amy, our daughter-in-law was in the top ten and received an award for her piece titled "Oblivion. "

This prize-winning leopard is done on a black ink-covered board called a scratchboard. The image is scratched on the surface with a razor. The color is added after the scraching is completed.
Hundreds of people showed up for the opening. It was interesting to stand back and watch people look at Amy's leopard. They would go up really close looking at all the fine details in the leopard's fur. One lady said, "He looks so real it seems like you could pet him." (Click to enlarge and you can get an idea of the detail; seeing the original is much better.)
Amy is self-taught and has had no formal training in art. She is doing very well and we are proud of her accomplishment.

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Meredith said...

Beautiful work, Amy!~Edith