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Friday, July 22, 2011

Heating Up

We are now one week from the wedding and things are heating up---literally! When I saw the temperature was already at 82 at 7 a.m. I decided to forego my daily walk and hurry to get my housework done before it gets too hot. By 9 it was up to 90. By 9:45 my work was finished and I had retreated to my AC office until supper time. I can always find plenty to do in here.
The heat may slack off a few degrees by Sunday but forecasters say we will probably remain in the 90s the rest of the month. This is the third time one of our four sons selected a July date for his wedding. But we did the same thing so what can I say? At least these days churches and reception halls are air conditioned.
The pile of stuff pictured in my previous post has diminished somewhat but there is still a pile waiting to go whenever Gerald has time to take it. He is scrambling to get the bedroom finished. Hopefully the last coat of paint will go on tomorrow. Then they can move the furniture into it which will free another bedroom for storing things until they have time to find proper places for them.
Being the mother of the groom is not as stressful as being mother of the bride. I will need to get the food ready next week for the rehersal on Friday. That should not be a hardship. After that is over I can relax and enjoy the wedding.
I doubt Gerald thought about it when they chose July 30 for their wedding but that day it will be 18 years since we said good-by to my mother. I can think of her without grieving all over again but it will be nice to have a happy occassion to celebrate on that day.

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