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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas & Birthday

We are having our family for Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Believe it or not, that's only two weeks away. This morning I finished shopping for gifts and everything is now wrapped and waiting. A few things need to be slipped into gift bags the last day. I do not do well with cramming to finish and it's a good feeling to be ready two weeks early.
I've actually been ahead of the game the whole way this year. The cookies were baked the day after Thanksgiving. The Christmas mail went out this week. I still need to bake the Moravian Sugar Cake for our Christmas breakfast but that is never done far in advance so it doesn't get stale waiting.
The mail is more interesting in December than any other month of the year. We both have a birthday in December which adds to the mail. We have a gift certificate for a restaurant which will do for a joint birthday supper. The place is decided by the gift certificate but we still need to decide on whose birthday we will use it. He thinks we should go on his birthday because it's a Saturday and I think we should go on mine three days earlier. Shouldn't the cook have off on HER birthday? Come on, cast your vote for me!


Twila Henry said...

I vote for you, too! It is wonderful to have a brief vacation from cooking!! :)
We are looking forward to having my brother Darrin and his family here for Christmas this year! :) But I'm more of a procrastinator so I probably won't have all my work done till the day before they come! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'LL cast my vote for you too and if he still insists, cook something he doesn't--like liver or something! Just kidding! :)

Miller scribe said...
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Miller scribe said...

Definitely your b-day! If I were closer I'd cook for you so you could have BOTH days off.

Meredith said...

You should have the day off from cooking on your birthday. He should have the special meal for his birthday. So, the solution is that he cooks for you on your birthday and then you go out for dinner on his birthday. ~merle

Scribbler said...

The only thing he can cook is egg sandwiches. That's not what I had in mind for my birthday. All the votes I received have convinced him we should use the gift certificate tomorrow. I have some oysters I can make for his birthday on Saturday. I think we'll both be happy that way.
Thanks for your votes!