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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Three Sisters

This might be an old one to you but it was new to me. It fits like a glove.

Three Sisters

We are three sisters
Three sisters are we
I love each of you,
And I know you love me.

We’re not always together,
Life sometimes keeps us apart.
But we're never separated
We’re in each other's heart.

Now I know we've had our troubles,
But we always get thru.
The real message is you love me,
And I also love you.

We have had lots of good times
That we'll never forget
Sometimes we worry
And sometimes we fret.

But if God ever gave me
Something special you see,
It might have been the blessing of,
Three sisters are we.

The Lord above has gave me lots
Of happiness and glee
But the most special thing he did was
Make us sisters, all three.

This was taken four years ago when my youngest sister received her doctorate in English education at Pensecola Christian College. She is the English teacher at Terre Hill Mennonite High School. It's the best most-recent picture I have of the three of us together.


Anonymous said...

GREAT PHOTO!! I just can't let this pass without a caption:

"Three wonderful Burkholder sisters putting their heads together"---Now something good HAS to come of that!:-) I think I can identify the three from the left---Mrs Betty Ann (Burkholder) Landis, Dr. Carol Burkholder, Mrs Romaine (Burkholder) Stauffer. I know the two ladies on the ends very well, but must confess that I've never met your younger sister Carol. Please give her my best wishes in an endeavor very dear to my heart.

Gary Good

Scribbler said...
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Scribbler said...

We may not have it all together but together we have it all. :-)