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Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Grandmother

I'm a slow thinker. Grayson is six weeks old and it just occurred to me that since Great-grandma Stauffer is 88 and doesn't drive we should make ourselves responsible to see she gets there to meet him. It worked out to take her yesterday. He gurgled a coo that I'm sure meant "pleased to meet you."

We also took a four-generation picture. The faces identify the generations to tell you who is the father, grandfather, and great-grandmother. This is one of those times when we wish Great-grandpa Stauffer was still here. I'm sure he would be pleased to see his namesake, Grayson Phares.

Great Grandmother

(Melissa Evans)
There is a special woman whose love has meant so much.
She blesses those around her with her love and tender touch.
She's strong in faith and courage, yet gentle as a dove.
She has a special mission determined by God above.
He knew that one day children would walk upon this land
and he needed a special woman to guide them with her hand.
She loved them every day until they each had grown,
and soon her little babies had babies of their own.
'Grandma' they now called her, a word she loved to hear.
She spread her hugs and kisses to each grandchild so dear.
She tickled them and sang to them and dried their little tears,
but soon these babies grew as the days turned into years.
God watched this special woman from His kingdom up above,
and though her hair had grayed, her eyes still shown with love.
"Her work is not complete yet" the angels heard Him say.
"I still have precious children that I must send her way."
So though she's not as young as she once used to be,
she still can bounce a baby upon her bended knee.
And though her loving arms are sometimes tired and sore,
they'll never be too tired to hug a child she adores.
So as you now can see, God's plan was very good.
He needed one to spread His love and He knew this woman would.
So in answering God's call, we learn it never is too late.
For loving God's own children are what made this Grandma GREAT!

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