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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm Ready

Winter is winding down. According to the calendar, spring arrives two weeks from today. I'm ready! I just finished the last job on my winter list.
Every winter I have a list of things I hope to do before spring. This year it included crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, spending two weeks in Mexico and California, and of course, a little writing. This winter the writing was limited to short stories and articles AND preparing three workshops for two writer's conferences.
The first one was easy. It was on writing children's stories and is already history. I gave that one on Saturday. The next two were more difficult. I will give them in Virginia on April 13 and each one is 90 minutes. It takes a lot of material to speak for three hours AND say something worthwhile. It was not a rush to get them done but I do not do well with cramming at the last minute. I'd rather have them ready a month in advance than rushing to finish the last week.
The first of those workshops is Effective Techniques for Interviewing and the second is Literary Latitude with Limited Facts. In other words, how far can a writer go in creating material to fill the gaps between known facts in a true story? I spent the whole month of February preparing these workshops and just finished the third one this morning. I will let the two for Virginia simmer and go over them again in April.
Now I'm ready to shift into spring gear. There are definite signs of spring in the air. Snow geese are passing through, I've seen a bluebird and robin, crocus are blooming, and daffodils have buds. The temperatures are forecast to soar into the upper 60s the next two days and I say "bring it on!" I've conquered my winter list and am ready to start on the spring jobs list---housecleaning, yard and garden work, and all the joys of life returning to the earth again.

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