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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Writer's Conference

Here we go! The Writer's Conference in Virginia is being held on Friday and Saturday. I was asked last fall to have two workshops and spent a good month getting them ready this winter.
Five of us are going down this evening because I need to be there at 8:30 Friday morning for a pre-conference session with the other speakers. My first workshop, "Techniques for Interviewing," is on Friday morning. The second one, "Literary Latitude with Limited Facts," is after lunch. I am also one of the authors on "Meet The Author" on Friday evening. After that I can relax and just listen on Saturday.
The butterflies were making a nuisance of themselves last evening when I went over my workshops one final time. They were trying to tell me I don't have enough material to talk about interviewing for 90 minutes. But this is normal. If I'm ever nervous about public speaking it is before the session starts. When I'm on my feet and open my mouth the butterflies start flying in formation and disappear.
Leroy is being left behind to fend for himself. He has it all figured out. He got a ticket for a banquet tonight, arranged for a pizza lunch at the office on Friday, and is going to a breakfast buffet Saturday. That should keep him well fed without requiring much cooking until I get back at supper time on Saturday.
I've had this conference hanging over my head all winter. I'm ready to get it over with and not have to think about it anymore.

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Merle and Edith Burkholder said...

I hope it all goes well for you. ~merle