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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grandma's Brag Book

Grandma Brag Books are usually pictures of babies and little grandchildren. I'm extending mine to brag about a little grandson who has grown up into an outstanding young man.
Marcus joined our family in September 1996, about a week after his second birthday. His parents flew to Haiti to pick him up and returned within 24 hours. Foreign adoptions often are long, drawn-out affairs. It was a miracle how everything fell into place so swiftly and they were free to leave.
Marcus was baptized at the Middle Creek Church of the Brethren in September 2007. He was homeschooled and graduated this spring. He is interested in a career in the medical field but pondering which path to take in that direction. I'm sure the Lord will direct his steps and show him the way.
We have been blessed to have Marcus in our family the past sixteen years. He has a lot of potential and we will be cheering from the sidelines as he finds his way through life.


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