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Friday, August 23, 2013


I heard in the news this week that Germans now have three choices on their child's birth certificates. The child can be identified as either male, female or other. OTHER?? What is other? Puppy, alien, or blueberry pie? How are children supposed to know who they are if the parents aren't even sure what they are?
God created human beings male and female, and every person who ever lived since creation has been one or the other. There has never been a third gender nor will there ever be. I understand the reasoning behind this is to make allowance for transgender people. But how is a parent to know if the child will make such a choice as an adult? And it does not change the fact that he or she was born either male or female.
This is just another step down the road in the confusion of the sexes. It began with men and women disregarding their God-ordained roles. Men did not take their place as leaders and women quickly stepped up to the plate and took over. They left the home and went into the workplace, cut their hair, and wore pants. In the name of equal rights, women assumed positions they were never meant to fill.
The equal rights campaign was extended to the gay community which fought a long hard battle to be recognized as legitimate. Now it looks like transgender people are beating the same drum. Where will this end? God may have to put a stop to it by cleaning house the way He did at Sodom and Gomorrah.

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