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Friday, March 28, 2014

Let Spring Begin!

At 11:37 this morning I checked off the last thing on my winter to-do list. The list looked like this in October.
*Crochet an afghan
*Four writing projects
*Scrapbook my 2013 pictures
*Have a quilting
In all honesty, I must say that not all of the writing projects are finished. I am totally finished with two of them and reached my goal on the others. One is nearer completion than the other but I got as far as I expected to go this winter.
The quilt was my sister's project. We had the quilting here yesterday because my house was closer for the cousins she wanted to invite to come. Eleven ladies were here yesterday and when they were all gone I saw I could finish the quilt today. I made that my top priority this morning and it is now ready to go back to my sister for binding. She had each of the grandchildren make a block and presented the top to her husband for his 70th birthday in December with plans to quilt it this winter.

And that winds up my winter work. What will I do now? Don't worry. I'm not going to sit down and rock myself to death. I'm picking up my spring list next week. It begins with
* go to Writers Conference in Virginia
* houseclean a couple rooms (which should include some painting if I can drum up the ambition)
* Etc. etc.
If things go as usual, I will barely finish the spring list before summer begins and hands me a new jobs list. As long as my eyes and hands work, I shall not be bored!
This has been a long cold winter. I am ready for the ground to thaw and the grass to turn green. Let spring begin!

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