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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Floods

Spring is just around the corner! The calendar says it will arrive in eight days and the weather is finally easing its icy grip on us. We were still in the single digits last week and the snow geese were not stopping as they flew over because there was no open water for them to land on. This week we have had a couple days in the 60s and the snow pack is disappearing. I'm not sorry to see it go!
Snow melt can cause spring floods. We had a flood in our basement last week but it was not caused by snow melt. While no one was home, a valve on the furnace broke and allowed water to run out into the room. When we got home in the evening we found the water still running and the basement flooded about a half-inch deep. We had no heat or hot water.
Thanks to a couple ambitious offspring nearby, the water was cleaned up with shop vacs that evening. We borrowed a couple dehumidifiers and fans to dry the carpet and went to bed around 11 p.m. A kerosene heater kept us warm overnight and the furnace was fixed the next day. A week later, the carpet was dry and everything is now back in place. I'm thankful it was just water and not oil as I thought when I first saw it.

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