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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hats Off to My Boys!

Eleven years ago our youngest son dreamed of becoming an RN with an added certification as a PHRN (pre-hospital RN). He graduated from Alvernia University with a BS in nursing in 2010. A year later a wife joined his life. That put the rest of the dream on hold for awhile. In 2013 he took the course for the PHRN. Yesterday he took the final State test and passed! He is now a certified PHRN. We're happy for him and commend him for his persistence.

The second big thing that happened yesterday is that I got Grayson to say "Grandma" for the first time. I've been keeping him one day per week since he was about 3 months old. He definitely knew who Grandma was but he didn't say the word. Yesterday, after a little coaxing, he finally got the word out for the first time and after that it was easy to say it again. That made a happy grandma!

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