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Monday, July 28, 2014

Crafty or Thrifty?

I never subscribed to Pintrest because I'm not a very crafty person. I like to see how people make something nice out of little bits of nothing but my attempts to duplicate such things usually wind up lopsided or worse. I'm not artistic enough to paint cute little faces on jars, etc. But I do love to put things together to make something without laying out a great deal of cash. It's not the crafty spirit within me but the good old tightwad German genes. Today's activity is a case in point.
I've been thinking for several years that I should replace the curtains in the garage. They were so thin I could see right through them and they were falling apart. They had lived in a bedroom for many years before being demoted to the garage but even their second life was expiring.
On an impulse, I decided today was the day to do something about it. But I did not have any old curtains to move out there or any fabric to make new ones. Or did I? A rummage through my scrap box yielded a piece of green plaid that was big enough for the valance. What could I use for the panels. Heaven forbid that I should spend MONEY for fabric for garage curtains.
Ah! A flat bed sheet! That's would do it. I went through my little pile of spares and found a flat yellow sheet I never use that would go nicely with the green plaid. The garage is the domain of a John Deere man so green and yellow were the perfect colors. (Why on earth did I even have a yellow sheet seeing as I hate yellow? I have no answer.)
Okay, I'm all set. I rip out all the seams, stitch away, and viola! New garage curtains! It isn't the kind of thing that would rate a spot on Pintrest but I am quite pleased with the results. Especially since the only cost was time and thread. That's all it takes to warm a thrifty German heart.

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