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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Progress Report

The work at the church is continuing and the addition is beginning to take shape. The walls of the new entrance are up. Framing the second floor is scheduled to begin next week.

The inside of the old building is also undergoing some remodeling. The work of tearing out the old is still being done. The old heating system with all the pipes and cast iron radiators is gone. Currently, the old tongue-and-groove board ceiling in the basement is being removed so the duct work can be installed for the new heating/cooling system. 

This building was constructed in 1876 by the Church of the Brethren. They remodeled the building several times before building a new facility down the street. In 1923 they dug under the building to provide a basement where they could cook the food for their Love Feast. This also provided Sunday school rooms and indoor bathrooms. It was modern and up-to-date for the time. Now, we are basically gutting the basement and upgrading to today's standards. 
So far we have been able to hold regular services but some adjustments had to be made due to the lack of Sunday school rooms. In October we will reach a point where the church will have to be closed for two weeks. By the time we are finished, we will have a new building inside an old shell.

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