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Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Time for Everything

I'm seeing warning signs that fall is just around the corner. Leaves are turning yellow on a few trees and beginning to come down; geese are getting restless and checking out flight patterns; mums are blooming; garden is nearly empty; daylight and dark will soon be equal.
I'm shifting gears in my work schedule too. The seasons begin to overlap at the end of August when I give the porch and patio their annual scrubbing while it is still warm enough to be slopping with the hose. Leroy helped me clean out the garage last Saturday so all the hosing is done and I'm moving into the house with fall cleaning. Yesterday I took the AC out of the bedroom window.
This week I wrapped up the canning season with 4 qts. of tomato juice, 4 qts. of grape juice concentrate and 7 jars of grape jelly. I was glad to put the canner away and do something different.

I rewarded myself with a day off to play. I took a meal to my sister and visited two cemeteries where I took about 100 pictures of gravestones. The next day I started sewing a dress from a piece of fabric I got in Nicaragua nearly three years ago. 
I'm not ready to start a writing project yet. I need to get a few more things off my to-do list first. I was saying I'm taking a break from writing and will pick it up again in October but now I'm thinking it will probably be November. There will be plenty of time to sit at the computer when fall begins to turn into winter. I want to enjoy the beauty of October while I can. There's a time for everything in each season.

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