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Monday, September 8, 2014

Knockout Roses

I have had red climber rose bushes at the rail fence across the front yard for many years. I've been threatening for at least five years to get rid of them but every June they would redeem themselves with a great show. And I would keep on spraying and pruning them, although I always came out of pruning looking like I was in a cat fight. They were nice about three weeks of the year and the rest of the time were unsightly with long canes reaching out all over the place that had to be tied down to the fence (another cat fight).
This year those climbers met their doom. Leroy yanked them out with a chain on the truck. I was not sorry to see them go. They tried to get the last word in the argument by jabbing me as I piled them up for burning. Now they are only a pile of ashes.

In their place we planted a row of double red Knockout Roses. They are a bush type that are easier to care for and bloom all summer.

They should grow to about four feet wide and high. I think it will be a great improvement and am looking forward to having roses all summer instead of just three weeks. 
I told Leroy he doesn't have to get me anything for birthday or Christmas this year because I'm getting roses now. He started counting off how many occasions eight rose bushes would cover--birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day, anniversary . . .That's only five. Uh, Groundhog Day? Still two more. He'll think of something.

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