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Friday, August 21, 2015

Change of Seasons

The summer is winding down and subtle signs of fall are approaching. Back-to-school sales are popular right now. Leroy cut down the corn this week and the garden is empty except for tomatoes and potatoes. It seems just yesterday that we planted and we're at the end of harvest already. Yesterday  I heard some Canadian geese circling overhead. Another sound of approaching fall.
I take a break from housecleaning over summer but the seasons begin to overlap when the cycle begins again at the end of August with scrubbing the front porch and patio in back of the house. I like to do them while it's still warm enough to slop with the hose. I always wind up getting wet but soon dry off again on a warm day.
I did the porch yesterday with the help of a 3-year-old grandson who was spending the day with me. He loved it! Leroy put a different kind of nozzle on the hose and I wasn't going to show him how it worked because I knew what would happen. Well, he figured it out himself and the results were as expected. We both came in soaked, but soon dried off again.
This has been a very busy year, beginning with our trip to Texas at the end of March. May was extremely full and there was one thing after another all through June, July, and August. The corn, tomatoes, peaches, and apples are all canned now and the dust is beginning to settle. But now the summer is almost over. I'm just thankful we are in good health and able to do all these things.
I shall not lack for things to do in the fall. I always have a to-do list and it is always supplemented with things that pop up as we go along.

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