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Friday, August 14, 2015

Kitchen Adventures

Well, that was interesting! I don't recall ever bandaging myself on a spot I couldn't see. It sure would have helped to have a ball joint in my ankle.
What happened? I pushed a chair to the sink to get something that was above my reach, which incidentally isn't very high. When I picked it up slightly to position it, I didn't notice the floor protector had fallen out of the chair leg (nail point up) and stepped squarely on it. Gusher!
I put my foot on a Kleenex and slid it to the bathroom where I made another mess trying to stop the bleeding. A Band-Aid didn't work. It was soaked before I got it in place. So I got out the bag of sterile pads and gauze, but I still wasn't sure exactly where the puncture was. There was no one around to help me so I put a mirror under my foot to locate the source of the gusher. Ah! There it is, at the bottom of the fourth toe.
I'm not very proficient at bandaging and self-bandaging by looking in a mirror is awkward , but I got it done and stanched the flow. Now I'm hobbling around trying to get food ready for supper tonight. The company is just going to have to overlook the pink slipper I'm wearing to keep the bandage clean.

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