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Monday, July 11, 2016

God Knows What He's About

Our Sunday school lesson yesterday was on the God of all comfort who comforts us in our suffering and how that can help us comfort others in their suffering with the ultimate purpose of glorifying God. I would like to share a couple stories of people whose suffering is glorifying God. 

On May 2, Lloyd Weiler fell two stories onto concrete at a construction site and landed on his head. He was rushed to a trauma center with severe brain injury and a lot of broken bones. His life hung in the balance for about a week. Then he began to improve but they were told he has a long hard road to recovery ahead of him. But then they decided his broken bones are mending fine without surgery and sooner than anyone expected he was moved to a Rehab center for therapy. They expected him to be there about six weeks but in two weeks he was allowed to go home. Two months after the fall, he has regained the use of all his limbs, memory, and speech. He is still regaining his strength but is able to walk with only a cane and is back to working in his business office a couple hours a day. That is an amazingly speedy recovery from the brink of death and only God could have made that happen. PTL!

On May 9 a couple from our church had their first child. Hans Risser, born at 24 weeks weighed 1 lb. 6 oz. He is still in the hospital but growing and developing with the help of modern medicine. He is now over three pounds and off the ventilator. If he had not been wanted, he could have been legally aborted. But he is a living testimony that a 24-week fetus is a person and not "just tissue" as some people claim. Yes, the medical profession has learned how to care for such tiny babies but it is God who gives them the wisdom and He who decreed this child should live. PTL!

On Saturday we visited with one of my husband's cousins. Their three-year-old granddaughter, Allison Wanner, was diagnosed with acute leukemia this spring. She was in the hospital for treatment for several weeks and then allowed to go home for one week before the next round of treatment began. This pattern will be repeated several more times. During the first week she was at home, a baby boy joined the family. The grandma said she thought this is just too much at once to have a very sick child and a new baby. But God knows what He is doing and His timing was perfect. The little girl will need a stem cell transplant so when the baby was born they saved the stem cells in the cord and they are a perfect match. If he had been born three months earlier they would not have known they would need that material in the cord. PTL!

These are just three examples of God at work in the lives of people we know. We don't always know why things happen the way they do but we can trust our God. He does not allow anything to happen to us that cannot be used for our good and His glory. 

God Knows What He’s About 

When God wants to drill a man, 
And thrill a man, and skill a man, 
When God wants to mold a man 
To play the noblest part; 
When He yearns with all His heart 
To create so great and bold a man 
That all the world might be amazed, 
Watch His methods; watch His ways. 
How He ruthlessly perfects 
Whom He royally elects! 
How He hammers him and hurts him 
And with mighty blows converts him 
Into trial shapes of clay 
That only God understands, 
While his tortured heart is crying, 
And he lifts beseeching hands! 
How He bends but never breaks 
When his good He undertakes. 
How He uses whom He chooses, 
And with every purpose fuses him; 
By every act induces him 
To try His splendor out— 
God knows what He's about! 
Author Unknown 

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