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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hershey Rose Gardens

We sisters got together again yesterday to celebrate the oldest sister's birthday. The birthday girl gets to choose the activity and she chose the Rose Garden at Hershey. I have not been there for many years and enjoyed seeing it again.
We started in the enclosed Butterfly Garden. It was full of unique butterflies I've never seen before. The bright blue one especially took my eye. When it sat down and folded its wings, it looked like this. 

The blue was only visible when it was flying or if you were quick enough to catch it when it landed.

The rose gardens were past the peak of their blooming season but still beautiful.

There were roses in every color of the rainbow but this one called Cherry Parfait was my pick of the crop.

In addition to the rose garden, there are other sections for perennials, grasses, trees, a Japanese garden, and other things. There's always something in bloom. This is a Japanese Maple. The leaves have the maple leaf shape but they are variegated light green and white and very small.

It was a hot day in the low 90s but we ignored that and enjoyed the beauty. I don't get an income from Hershey Chocolate to pay a gardener so my flower beds will never match these professionally landscaped gardens but I don't have to own them to enjoy them. 

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