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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Novo Engine

For a change, this post is about Leroy's activities instead of mine. He's been collecting parts since last summer to make a garden-tractor-size John Deere B. He saw one at a show that had an old Novo engine which sounds just like a John Deere, so he started watching for a Novo engine. He bought this one at a sale the end of February. He saw more potential in it than I did.

It did not run when he brought it home and he wasn't sure how much it will cost him to get it going. He's been tinkering with it. First he got it loose so it turns. Then he took off the muffler and cleaned out the cherry seeds some rodent had packed in there all the way into the engine. Last evening he tinkered some more and got it to spark. It looks like he may not have to spend a lot of money after all to get it going. It should sound like this when he's finished.

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