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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three For Breakfast

Back in the early 1970s my dad bought a movie camera to take pictures on their trip to Israel. He had a Super-8 projector to show the pictures and then also bought a few cartoon films to show to his grandchildren---Pooh Bear, Three Little Pigs, etc. Those films became a standard part of the afternoon at the family Christmas dinner. Everyone knew what would happen next because watched them every year, but we never got tired of them. Of course the films were all silent, but the watching children provided sound effects.
I think the favorite of all was Three For Breakfast. Yesterday I found it on YouTube. Some sounds have been added but the pictures are exactly the same as the film we watched over and over. I tried to embed the film in this post but for some reason the entire link wouldn't copy. So I went with Plan B. If you click on the link below you can watch Three For Breakfast on YouTube. It will bring back memories to those of you who watched it with the family every year. And maybe the rest of you will see why we loved this one.

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Miller scribe said...

Was it really that short? Seemed longer than that. Then again, so did Blue Bug's Vegetable Garden. LOL