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Monday, November 23, 2009

Angels and Miracles

Are angels real and active? Do miracles still happen today?
After church yesterday morning Barb Martin told me this story about her daughter Cheryl. The church where Cheryl goes supports a mission in Africa. She has gone over several times to help out for a few weeks. She just returned from her third trip and told Barb this story.
When Cheryl left the U. S. she did not realize her visa and passport had both expired in June. She made it through Holland without anyone noticing but the problem was spotted when she arrived in Africa. She had to pay $150 to smooth her path and be able to go on, which she did.
The van which was to take Cheryl and the lady who was traveling with her from the airport to the mission got hot and they were stranded in the middle of nowhere in the night. Before long, a car stopped and a man asked if he can help them. After they explained the problem he said they must turn around and go back to the nearest village. They said they can't but he insisted it will be all right. He would follow them back. They would go a ways and then stop to let the van cool down again. Eventually they arrived at the village where the van could be repaired.
A taxi driver there said he would take them to the mission for $100 but Cheryl did not have the money because she had spent it on her passport problem. The man who had stopped to help them said he will take the two women to the mission for no charge. He told them to get in the back seat because his brother is going with them. This did not smell good---two women being driven through the wilderness by two strange men in the middle of the night. But they did not know what else to do, so they got in and were off.
When they were an hour from the mission Cheryl said to the other lady, "Look at the gas gauge. It's on empty." The fuel warning light soon came on and they had 100 miles to go. Cheryl was really afraid now and she started praying out loud, "Lord, you put oil in the widow's jar and I believe you can put gas in this car. I'm counting on you for a miracle." She kept on praying and the car kept on going.
At last they arrived at the mission safe and sound. Cheryl got some money from Jonas (who lives at the mission) to give the driver. He refused to take it and said, "I told you I would bring you for no charge. I don't want any money." She tried to tell him he will need fuel to get back to wherever he was going but he just said, "It will be okay."
The next morning Cheryl and the other lady were telling Jonas about their midnight adventure. They told him how pretty the blue and white license plate was on the car. Jonas said, "There are no license plates like that in this country." Then they described the car and he said, "There are no cars like that around here."
Cheryl said, "It gives me the goose bumps. We were picked up by angels! I wonder what they thought of my praying."
If you are facing an impossible situation, remember this story. God can make a way where there seems to be no way. He can and does do the impossible.