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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ohio Weekend

We had a good weekend in Ohio with our daughter and her family---in spite of a cold rain on Saturday and the flu bug in the house. I knew before we left that Cheryl was not feeling well so I took a frozen casserole along to spare her the trouble of cooking for us on Sunday. We bought our food on Saturday at their school benefit auction.
This was the "first annual" auction so they had no experience or idea what to expect. It was a smashing success and gave the school budget a tremendous lift. We enjoyed watching things sell but didn't buy much. I got a pint of specialty barbq sauce which is made by an Amish family in Ohio and Leroy got a CHI Winross truck. The place Leroy works uses the line of garage doors manufactured in Ohio by CHI.
Cheryl was too nosey to stay away so she was there wrapped up in a blanket. By Sunday she was too sick to leave the house. Then I was really glad I had taken a casserole along which could just be popped in the oven. I tried not to get to close to her and so far I seem to have escaped the bug. I don't know if it was the regular or swine flu, but I don't need either kind. I have lots of other things to do besides holding down the couch.

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Miller scribe said...

Uumm... BBQ sauce made by Amish is using the title Amish very loosely. Try Beachy instead. Both for the fella that invented the sauce recipe & the brothers that produce it for him. Know 'em all.